Lazy Luke and Blubber Bear.

Lazy Luke is a hillbilly who is half-asleep during most of the races. He drives the Arkansas Chuggabug while seated on a rocking chair and with his feet perched on the steering wheel. A large but nervous bear named Blubber is his sidekick; Blubber is clad in a scarf and early aviator's helmet with goggles. The Chuggabug is constructed of wood and is powered by a coal-fired pot-bellied stove in the rear of the vehicle. In an episode titled "By Rollercoater to Upsan Downs," the car was shown to have a squirrel as a major component of its engine; Luke fed the squirrel peanuts to increase speed. Blubber, who often bites his nails and shakes, wakes up Luke, who always says: "Blubber, what in tarnation is goin' on here?" or "What in tarnation is that?".


  • Lazy Luke and Blubber Bear are both voiced by John Stephenson, and currently by John O'Hurley and Rob Paulsen.

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