The Creepy CoupeEdit


The Creepy Coupe

Car 2, The Creepy Coupe, driven by the Gruesome Twosome; Big Gruesome and Little Gruesome.

The Convert-A-CarEdit


The Convert-A-Car

Car 3, The Convert-A-Car, driven by Professor Pat Pending.

The Crimson HaybailerEdit


The Crimson Haybailer

Car 4, The Crimson Haybailer, driven by Red Max.

The Compact PussycatEdit


The Compact Pussycat

Car 5, The Compact Pussycat, driven by Penelope Pitstop.

The Bullet-Proof BombEdit


The Bullet-Proof Bomb

Car 7, The Bullet-Proof Bomb, Driven by the Ant Hill Mob.

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