Mish Mash Missouri Dash is the first segment of the third episode of Wacky Races, and the fifth race overall.


The Wacky Racers wend their way up the precipitous Piker's Peak toward the finish line in Mish Mash, Missouri. Dick Dastardly encounters an irate rifle-toting hillbilly determined to protect his land from trespassers. Dastardly yanks off his hat and beard for a disguise but his cover is blown when Lazy Luke and Blubber Bear come along.

Finishing Order

1. Professor Pat Pending

2. Penelope Pitstop 

3. The Creepy Coupe


  • While Dick Dastardly is driving, the background changes abruptly between countryside and mountain face.
  • The first time the Mean Machine passes the other vehicles, Dastardly's red gloves are missing.