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Peter Perfect

Peter Perfect is a racecar driver, driving a drag racer called the Turbo Terrific that often falls to bits, usually immediately following him making a remark about how reliable it is. Peter had a crush on Penelope Pitstop, and so often stopped to help her; he always calls her "Pretty Penny". Penelope returned Peter's affections, and in Dash to Delaware they end up married. He always stops to say hello to Penelope. Sometimes Peter Perfect demonstrated an unusual elasticity ability, although this seemed to be just a gag. In development, the car was called the Varoom Roadster, a name used in the Gold Key comic book series. Despite numerous mechanical mishaps and other incidents, Peter always keeps a cheerful demeanor and lives up to his image as the perfect gentleman. He's been shown as being unnaturally strong and is able to lift boulders and even the Double Zero car one-handed.


  • Peter Perfect was originally voiced by Daws Butler, Greg Burson and currently by Jeff Bennett.
    • In the 2017 remake Peter Perfect is voiced by Detrich Bader.