The race took place on the highway towards Raleigh.

Race Edit

All cars started, 6 tries to overtake 00, but 00 uses a bazooka but missed the 6 then it heads towards the 8, Blubber uses the engine pipe to reverse the bazooka and it heads back towards the 6 and missed again, eventually it hit 00. The race continues when there is a bull obstructing the road, 4 flew over it, 3 levitates it with high wheels, but 1 hit the bull resulting with the bull in the car. 00 still leading arrives at McDonald's Farm and plans on putting all the cars in the farm with Floor Wax. All cars slip off. (Subplot)

All cars escape the farm and they resume racing. 3 overtakes 2 with Extendo Power to take the lead, but then 6 is the new leader with Bazooka Thrust. Soon afterwards 8 takes the lead by putting Grandma Buzz's Herb Tonic and Varnish Remover in the boiler but Blubber put too much in and the boiler explodes. 00 regains the lead as the finish is approaching. Suddenly 7 uses Getaway Power to get into 2nd place, 00 retaliated by shooting a rocket backwards, 7 uses a small trampoline to rebound the rocket towards the finish line it explodes just before the line and 00 fell in the crater and is out. The other cars cross the finish line...

Known Results Edit

1. 7

2. 1

3. 9

4. 2

5. 3

6. 5

7. 4

8. 10

9. 6

10. 8

Subplot Edit


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