The Bullet-Proof Bomb.

The Bullet-Proof Bomb AKA The Roaring Plenty is the seven car in the Wacky Races lineup. It is driven by the The Ant Hill Mob. It has won a total of four 1st place wins tying with the Compact PussycatTurbo Terrific and the Arkansas Chuggabug.

Apperance and abilitiesEdit

Ant Hill Mob

The Ant Hill Mob, with their names to identify each of them.

The car's model is reminicant of standard early 1900's American motor cars. It sports a grey and black hull with yellow wheels. The Bullet-Proof Bomb is the second longest streching car behind the Turbo Terrific. The car's number is coincedently seven which matches its number of passengers and holds the most characters out of all the cars, making it the only car to match its I.D number with its drivers (Although the Creepy Coupe may carry more).

The Bullet-Proof Bomb is equipped with three spare tyres for break down purposes, although they are never used. The dashboard features a built-in police radio tracker, which is useful for monitoring highway police transmissions to avoid capture. The exhaust features machine guns for an alternative speed boost power. The Ants themselves keep countless guns, violin cases and other "ill gotten gained", at one point was dispensed with to lighten the load. The Ant Hill Mob keep their own personal revolvers at hand, to fend off rivials and police and even assist fellow racers against common opposition. The trademark power-up of the Bullet-Proof Bomb is "Get-Away Power" which the Ant Hill Mob (exceptClyde) add their leg power to the cars speed in similar manner to Fred Flintstone.

Third place in overall winners?Edit

If one were to count up every last winning from episode, they will find that the overall win for most 1st places is a tie. But according to real world race ruling statistics, should the individual wins be accumlulated, the Slag Bros would hold 1st place, Rufus Ruffcut and Sawtooth would be 2nd and the Ant Hill Mob would take 3rd place.


  • The Bullet-Proof Bomb did not appear in the Perils of Penelope Pitstop, contrary to popular belief, the similar but different, animated Chuggaboom took its place.
  • The Bullet-Proof Bomb is never named onscreen, (apart from the opening titles) a fate held with the Army Surplus Special. It is also the only triple named car along with the later. It goes by the name of The Roaring Plenty in The Overseas Hi-Way Race, Gold key comic book series and some merchandise.

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