Big Gruesome – a lurching, huge humaniod Frankenstein's monster / Lurch type character– and Little Gruesome – a purple-skinned vampire – are monsters driving a hearse-like car with a belfry which houses a dragon, bats, ghosts and other various spooky, horror-themed characters; the term "lurching along," a clear reference to the aforementioned character, is used by the narrator to introduce the characters and vehicle at the start of the show. The Creepy Coupe was able to fly short distances through use of the dragon's wings and has bats constantly circling it

The Gruesome Twosome.

s belfry. Also, they can summon bats, storms, ghosts, serpents, and even a witch to help them fend off the other cars. Big Gruesome spoke like Boris Karloff and Little Gruesome like Peter Lorre. "Dragon" – who appeared in every episode, and would sometimes get out of the car and walk with the Gruesome Twosome, was such an integral part of the No. 2 team that he was essentially the 25th character of the show – although he was only ever known as "Dragon," or "Dragon Power," by Big Gruesome. Their rareware themes are Donkey Kong 64's Creepy Castle.

Big Gruesome was originally voiced by Daws Butler, and currently by Jim Cummings, while Little Gruesome was originally voiced by Don Messick, and currently by Billy West.